Why you Wake up at 3 in the Morning

Whenever I begin working with someone, helping them get their life better organized, I ask a simple question. And I never get a straight answer. How do you remind yourself of the things you need to be reminded of? How do you remind yourself? If you need to do something in the next few days […]

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Does Mindfulness Wear You Out?

There are certain terms that a have a peculiar property. We don’t know precisely what they mean, but whatever they mean they are, or are considered to be, a good thing. Mindfulness is one such term. Whatever mindfulness is, we know it’s (supposed to be) a good thing. And mindful parenting, well, that’s just dandy. […]

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Parent: You’re a Revolutionary

Every parent I’ve ever met was trying to give their kids a better childhood than they themselves received. That includes those who had it good! Really, only few of the people I know are really mad at their parents—though we all have our annoyances. The parents I know are not trying to get back at […]

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You are not broken

Yesterday I wrote about the lesson resistance can teach you about all the things you have to do. Sometimes though, there are deeper emotional reasons that pull the shade of grey between your eyes and your todo list. I can’t know what these are, but I have seen—and felt—grief interfering with any kind of “doing.” […]

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Let Resistance Be Your Teacher

If you spend a little time online reading about creativity, writing, or productivity, chances are that you will come across a little book by Steven Pressfield, The War of Art. Here is the key insight from this book: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will […]

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The Cliché Is Wrong

You hear it often: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. But it is wrong. Here is the right one: If you don’t know where you’re going, no road will open up. When you are staring at your todo list, this may be plaguing you. I am not talking […]

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What Is Really Your Next Action?

You think you’re done when you write a thought on your to do list. But one of the reasons you don’t move is because you’re stumped. What you’ve done is put your thoughts on your todo list, but that is very different from writing down the actual next physical action. See, you write something like […]

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Leaders Who Don’t Organize

When you get started getting organized, you may run into some voices that suggest you shouldn’t have time to get organized. These voices might be in your head, but they can also come from the outside. Don’t pay attention to them. I have worked with and for some great leaders in my life. They were […]

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