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Niels Teunis

Niels Teunis

Every Child Heard | Every Parent Supported

I’m an parent educator, an anthropologist and an organizer.

Angela Jernigan and I support Parents in the Art of Loving. We are creating a community for parents where they can find much needed and much deserved support from each other. To find out more, please visit Parent Connect East Bay. This is now the main place for my work.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people stay closely connected. Sometimes I have a hard time staying connected myself.

I believe nobody is “broken.” We were never meant to be alone.

To feel connected, I aim to listen to this world, to the people in my life.

Also, I believe Whitehead was right: “How something becomes determines what it becomes.”

I want to foster genuine culture.

I believe that true discovery risks everything.

I am a religious person who believes that being human is not the problem. Being human is the point.

This prophecy won’t let go of me.