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Next Generation Giving

The Next Generation of American Giving

This report by Convio, Edge Research and Sea Change Strategies explores how four generations of American donors give. The generations are Mature: Born before 1945 Boomers: Born between 1946 and 1964 Gen X: 1965 – 1980 Gen Y: 1981 – 1991. Let me highlight a few key findings. Older people
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Video Introduction to Online Fundraising

This video gives the highlights of the online fundraising ecourse. You can get a good picture of the topics I cover. If you want more details, you can sign up of the full course here.

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Stop Focussing on Your Organization!

There are days when I think the message is obvious and everybody understands it. But then you realize that is not true. Fundraisers will tell you that you are not raising money for your organization. You are raising money for your cause. I thought everybody knew that. But actions speak

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Introducing: the Future-is-Now Online Fundraising Ecourse

I am offering you a free ten part email course that gives you what everybody ought to know about raising money online. You can sign up right here. I am sure you know that direct mail fundraisers have long ago figured out how to build long lasting relationships with donors

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Time to stop reading fundraising advice

I was thinking about myself this morning. I know. I usually don’t do that, but this morning must have been special.

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How to find Fundraising Email Opportunities

Steve Daigneault wrote a very insightful post at Frogloop about the new email strategy he put in place for Amnesty International. This generous article is worth a thorough read.

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Simply Donors No More and
Email is still the Killer App

Qui Diaz, Beth Kanter and Geoff Livingston, conducted a survey to see if there is a future in online fundraising. Their conclusion is clear: Tremendous Opportunity for Nonprofits You can read Geoff Livingston’s report on the finding here.

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Kill the Mission Statement

Yes, that’s right, kill your organization’s mission statement. Instead, express your mission in three words—four if you have to. Guy Kawasaki calls this a mantra, as good a name as any. You probably don’t remember your organization’s mission statement. If you do, you work for People for the American Way

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How to Keep Online Donors

Today’s New York Times article on first time online donors shows that we don’t know the most rudimentary thing about online donor cultivation. In the words of Tobias Smith, director of online communications at CARE, “But how you get people to routinely give online is a nut no one has

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Your Passion must run your Nonprofit

Refuse! Don’t give in.

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