Niels Teunis, Ph.D., M.Div.

I am a chaplain working at Kindred Hospice in Dublin, CA.

By training, I’m an anthropologist and have worked on four different continents speaking three languages. I have observed and participated in community and family life in Europe, Africa, The Americas and Papua New Guinea. I received my doctorate from Northwestern University.

I hold a Master in Divinity from Pacific School of Religion. I was awarded the Koinonia Award for significantly improving the spiritual, social and community life at PSR.

I completed 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education, at John Muir Hospital, Concord. Durign that year I supported about 3000 people. They were patients in the hospital, their family members, or staff. They were struggling with aging, illness, (dis)ability, and dying.

I am a SEEDS certified mediator. I have worked with parents who struggle to see eye to eye on how to raise their children. I helped them find common ground.

I have been children’s advocate, play mate, clown, comforter, advisor and friend. I’ve taught college students, made theater, camped all over California, lived in 120˚ temperatures, and taught parenting classes.

Oh, and if you find that I have a bit of an accent, I am from the Netherlands. I’ve been in the US for 25 years now, and yet, that accent still remains.

Here is how you can contact me.