Niels Teunis

Embodied Soul Care

Tapping into your innate wisdom to engender healing!

Niels Teunis

Niels Teunis brings his background in anthropology and spiritual care counseling to help you focus on questions of meaning, self worth, belonging and reconciliation. Niels supports those who are grieving and he works with men, of all sexual orientations, who seek to inhabit their manhood more fully.

I believe that nothing that can be measured matters. Not really. Your heart can’t be measured. Your story can’t be measured. Your grief and sorrow can’t be measured. Yet, these are the things that truly matter. I invite you to explore what truly matters to you.


Grief Support


Book a free 30Min Session with me.

Of course you don’t know me yet. Better to take your time to see if I am the right person for you to work with. I invite you to book a free 30 minute session with me so you get to know me a bit. There is no pressure at all. If you decide I am not the right person for you, we will have used the time well. And if you don’t want to continue working with me, wonderful!