Niels Teunis

Niels Teunis

I am a Resident in the Clinical Pastoral Education program at John Muir Health in Concord, CA.

Unfortunately, I’m no longer available to support parent. Please contact Angela Jernigan. She’s simply the best.

If you are looking for support for your boy, let me simply say this. He’s the best. He’s 100% lovable. If anybody suggests anything else, stay clear of them. Only work with people who are in complete solidarity with your boy. He deserves it. He comes by his struggles honestly and he’s doing the best he can. Find people who know that and belief him and you!

I don’t yet know what, if any, writing I will publish here. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, feel free to contact me for anything. I will respond to email, usually in a timely way.

All my best to you,