niels teunis

Soul Care

This work will help you develop your inner spaciousness. 

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Grief work starts from the recognition that we, our lives, are shaped by those around us. When we love someone or something or some place, we want to be shaped by them, we long to be shaped by them. But we have lost them and this causes tremendous suffering. In our grief work we will do two things.


Men's Issues

No matter what sexual orientation you have or how you have come to understand your masculinity the possibilities are endless. Let’s break the box so you can be the man, the friend, the lover, the parent you want to be.



We are all always in relationships and these can be challenging. I help you discover what you bring to the table, both strengths and opportunities. Let’s find out for real what you want, what and how you communicate, how to be yourself and invite the best in others.


Soul Care

When I talk about soul, I am invoking a sense of imagination that touches all of who you are, the depths and heights and widths and shallows that run through your life. All these streams are sometimes clearly your own and at other times tell you how deeply you are connected to the people and places and plants and powers around you.

Consider working with Niels!

Of course you don’t know me yet. I suggest taking a little time to see if I am the right person for you. I invite you to book a free 30 minute session with me so you get to know me better. There is no pressure.

About Me

I am Niels Teunis and I help people of all genders develop inner spaciousness.

Niels Teunis brings his background in anthropology and spiritual care counseling to help you focus on questions of meaning, self worth, belonging and reconciliation. Niels supports those who are grieving and he works with men of all sexual orientations who seek to inhabit their manhood more fully.