DSC_0155Berkeley is one of the most bike friendly towns in the US. And I can’t wait to take your kids on rides along the bike boulevards and other safe routes through the city.

My Dutch upbringing gave me the privilege of growing up on bike back. I learned to ride almost as soon as I could walk. I remember my first bike, slightly too big, a second hand one that I quickly grew into. My first ride landed me on the driver side door of our neighbor, but ever since I have had uneventful rides. And that includes rides through the mountains of the Ardennes and France, with about 40 pounds of luggage.

I see this as a unique opportunity for your kid to really get to know their town in a bike friendly way. I will take them along the safe paths all over town, and on to areas where they can ride freely.

The first few weeks, we’ll take it easy. I want to see how they handle themselves in traffic, how proficient they are in understanding speed and distance from others around them, cars, bikes and pedestrians.

And we’ll make sure that they can follow instructions. I tend to be a free kind of guy who let’s kids do what they want. But that is in safe areas, where they won’t get hurt. Out there on the roads, I will insist they follow my lead.

Please provide a nutritious snack and ample water for the ride. You know your kid the best and what they need during an afternoon about town. So please prepare them for the trip. Also, please verify the weather and pack sunscreen if you desire that for your child. I will bring a pump, a tire repair kit, and some basic tools. Just in case.


We’ll go out on Tuesday and Wednesday. I serve these schools:

  • Malcolm X
  • Washington Elementary
  • Walden School
  • Berkwood Hedge

We will go out on every Tuesday and Wednesday that the public school is in session. (For days off, see the Forest Days offering here.)

Enroll now

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