Why do toddlers bite and what can you do about it

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Biting is a sign of stress

It doesn’t mean anything about your child’s character

Ask yourself:

  • What kind of things have happened when the child bites?
  • What time of the day is this typically happening?
  • Are there certain days of the week when it tends to happen
  • Are there certain activities when it tends to happen
  • These give clues about what is feeling stressful to the child
  • The afternoon is a stressful time for a toddler who has been away from her parents for six or seven hours
  • Sometimes having another child in the child’s space creates stress

Boost the amount of attention and connection your child receives by

  • Special Time
  • Floortime

When you give your child wonderful, fun, playful attention, they will start to show the difficult feelings. A slight little bump, usually nothing to be concerned about, can become a pre-text for a big hearty cry.

Or you set a limit, and the feelings will come up. You will stay close in, trusting that your child will know exactly what to do. And your job is to keep your warm attention shining on your child. Use your body to keep your child safe and yourself safe.

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