It Is Jesus Who Came to Meet You in the Street

It is Jesus who came to meet you in the streetBrought you in his home, took off his clothesSo that he could bow down and wash your feetJesus was naked where Adam was ashamedRemoving what of this world stuck to your feetThe grime, the sludge, the remnants of the pastAll that was unwanted in the … Read more

Angry Boy

You stand by his side

If you have a boy in school who gets in trouble from time to time, you might feel your boy is unique. It doesn’t seem to happen to any of the others. Parents have a specific from of selective bias after all. When we walk onto the schoolyard, we hone in on the kids and … Read more

Full Contact Listening

Listening to children is a full body engagement. The ears are part of listening, but only a part. Listening to your child reminds you of your body, requires all your senses and takes place in your heart. You don’t seek to understand what is going on with your mind. You seek to feel with your … Read more