Meditation is Spaciousness

Meditation is Spaciousness

Meditation can help us when our kids act out. It is easy for us to react quickly. But usually our reaction contain in them things that have nothing to do with our kids. We at out of our own past, out of our own hurt feelings and traumas. We need some daylight between our kids …

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I love you — I love you not

Children use the words “I love you” for their parents and that may be confusing for stepparents. In particular when the kids and stepparents clearly love each other. Don’t be confused. Kids share their affection gladly and freely. You just have to see them in the ways that they do. I am very curious to …

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I hope that you enjoy this video. I have created a series of these. When you sign up below you will receive these. Not all of them will speak to you, possibly, but several of them will. [convertkit form=4868296] In the mean time, if you seek support as a stepparent, don’t hesitate to contact me right away. I …

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