Bike Club

DSC_0155Niels was born in Holland. He learned to ride a bike only a few days after he learned to walk. And biking has always been fun for him.

This Fall he will take groups of kids (up to 4) about town on bikes. If that sounds like a great time for your kid, let us know. You can send us an email by using the form below.

Forest Days

boysintreesThe schools are closed some days during the regular school year. And those days can be inconvenient for working parents.

No worries. Niels will take groups of kids out on the trails in Tilden Park. You’ll drop them off at one place and pick them up again somewhere else—unless we make a loop. They’ll discover the park, play among the trees, learn about map reading and tracking. They may walk the trails blindfold.

These are the dates in the Fall: Oct. 10, Nov. 7 & Nov. 11.

Winter Camp

The first three days of the winter break, Niels will take your kids out to discover more of Tilden Park and the Marina. This is a 9–3 camp on Dec. 19, 20, & 21.

You can ask him about this by sending him a message:

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You can also call Niels directly: 510.473.7712

(9-5 PST)