Oh, let me gush for a moment

Angela and Leah enjoying the Summer
Angela and Leah enjoying the Summer

Because today as I write this, it is Angela’s birthday. This is the fourth time I have wished her a happy birthday.

Though I have to say that the first time escaped her attention. We had just had a lunch together nine days before and when I look back at those days, I had already fallen in love. But I didn’t admit it yet.

When I wrote her an emailed congratulations, the message got lost in an overflowing inbox. It wasn’t until months later that she found it and by that time, much was getting clear about our love.

Being a mother was a big part of who she was. I was clear about that. I haven’t told many people, though I did tell her. And since I admired her so, I had to also ask what it was about motherhood that made her the incredible and loving person that she was.

And here is what I have found.

Being a mother put all her beliefs on the line. Whatever she may have thought, believed, wished, and embraced in faith before Leah was born, it no longer mattered.

Being a mother required that she put all that she believed to the test, embrace what she truly found to be true, and then …

… live and love by that truth.

that is a rare thing to behold.

And it is what made Angela such an incredible person to me. The only thing I take pride of is that I saw it. Others may have had an inclination, but I saw it. And we moved closer together.

When Angela talks about love, she has found ways to love in the thick of things. When all is hard, she knows to come in closer when others would pull away. When she says she chooses you, you know that she has chosen you. For her, being a mother meant that she became crystal clear about what it means to choose someone.

Angela knows how to be present, because she has decided to be present even when times were rough.

She’s had to.

She was a mother.

Angela decided to show up for her daughter. And because she made that promise as a mother she had to learn how to show up in any circumstance. I have not known her to hide.


And I have never met anyone like her!

Happy birthday Angela,


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