Mediation for Couples

CouplesFor couples, who struggle, no wonder. Parenting in this day and age is terribly hard on your relationship or your marriage.

The role of being in a relationship is that you and your partner lift each other up. When you are no longer lifting each other to a better place than you could be alone, you can return to that place, where you draw out the best in each other. You can find a way back to a life brimming with excitement and wonder just because of the person you get to be with.

As a couple you may need to figure ways in which you can simply maintain a way to feel connected to each other, a way to feel that you truly love each other.

Or perhaps, you need to find a way to see eye-to-eye on parenting. When we parent, we bring the ways in which we were parented with us. And you’re coming from a very different history, it may be difficult to see how your partner’s parenting style helps raise happy children.

Whether you need help for your relationship (be it a marriage, registered partnership or other form of relationship) or to find ways to match your parenting styles, contact me. I am sure that what binds you is strong enough to overcome all that sometimes makes it hard to be in a relationship.

If you really want to save your relationship, you will! That is what I have seen over many years. When couples struggle the question is really: what do you want? If you want to stay connected, you will find a way. It starts with your intention, and the rest, we will figure that out together.

Working with Niels

So let’s see if we can work together. You can write me right here. We can set up an initial phone conversation to see if we can be a match and if what I offer is what you need.