Is Spiritual Care for You?

The idea of seeking spiritual care for yourself might be a strange idea. What would you seek it for? Let me offer a few ideas.

Spirituality touches on all those areas of your life where

  • you seek to feel connected,
  • your life has meaning, and
  • where you have a sense of purpose.

Meaning, Purpose and Connection.

But sometimes we don’t feel connected. We feel disconnected from ourselves or from those we love. We can feel disconnected from our community or from nature. We can feel disconnected from the Divine.

If you feel you lack a sense of connection, spiritual care may be of support to you.

Other times, our lives feel meaningless and lack any sense of purpose. This can happen in any area of your life. Your relationships may be unfulfilling. Your work feels like a treadmill. Your body is alien to you. Or you keep asking yourself: What is it all for?

Spiritual care can be helpful to you

You may wonder if you need to be religious or have some sense of being spiritual. I don’t think so. Ideas of religion or spirituality may not be meaningful to you. Other things are or can be. You can still have a sense of purpose in your life. You experience meaningful connections, or a lack thereof.

As a spiritual care provider it is my desire to come alongside of you. Together we can explore a new path for you that can reconnect you. Together we will re-discover what matters most to you. We can set you on a new course or return you to your own path.

I don’t have a path for you. You have a path for you! Sometimes you need someone to come alongside you and rediscover that path. That’s what spiritual care is all about.

When to seek spiritual care

Spiritual care can be particularly meaningful when your life is changing. Are you facing a crisis? Are you facing illness, a death in your family. It can be that you’re getting older and the rules of life you lived by don’t seem to apply anymore.

How does it work?

Let’s talk one on one over the phone first. You want to know that I am the right person for you. This gets personal so I imagine you want to get a sense of me before we really start. We’ll talk for about 30 minutes.

If you decide to work with me, we’ll set a time to meet that’s convenient for both of us. There are two ways we can meet. We can meet in person in Tilden Park. That’s my favorite way of meeting. Or we can meet through our screens using Zoom. It’s up to you.

In certain circumstances I can also come to your house. When we talk we can discuss this possibility.

So what’s next?

Simple, just send me a message. We will connect, set a time to talk on the phone and we go from there.
Sounds good? Just write me right here.